Marathon Continued

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Fan-Made Scenarios

Marathon has a dedicated and surprisingly active modding community. Many fan-made scenarios exist for you to play, with some approaching the quality of the original games.

For a full list of fan-made scenarios, click here.

A full remake of the original Marathon in the Unreal engine. Requires a copy of Unreal Tournament to play.

Eternal picks up the story hundreds of years after the original Marathon. Using Jjaro technology, you and your A.I. travel back in time to the colony ship shortly before the Pfhor assault begins. Amazing music. (Link is currently under construction. Please click here for related items.)

Impressive in its scope, Rubicon features multiple storylines and endings depending on your choices.

Your starship crashes on a planet inhabited by strange and terrifying creatures.

After your patrol ship comes across a Pfhor cruiser drifting in space, a boarding excursion goes horribly wrong.